Prices and Ordering

8 volume set of the American Archives in 1/2 calf

American Archives in Process

Because every job is unique, we offer no standard price list. There are too many variables (including condition of textblock, type of leather, papers, style of headbands, etc.) to give an estimate without your project in hand. As a general rule, most ordinary books cost more to repair (and sometimes far more) than to replace. For that reason, most of our labor is directed to books and objects that are irreplaceable: family heirlooms, rare or antiquarian material, fine bindings, and Bibles that have become old friends.

We’d be happy to take a look at any project and to give you a variety of options, including recommending no treatment or treatment by another company.

How to Order:
     For restoration work: we’ll need books in hand for a quotation.
    For books we make: (facsimiles, blank books, etc.), please call or email us. We can take payment via PayPal or
your credit card. (We’re working on setting up e-commerce options for our website.)