Bookbinding Materials for sale

If you’re in the area and need small quantities of standard supplies, you’re welcome to purchase items like book board (we have lots!), book cloth, etc. For sale nationally, we offer several specialty items for the restorer or for those after a vintage look:

Vintage Endpapers

Though hand marbledRod and Line papers are readily available for restoration work, printed endpapers appropriate for late 19th to early 20th century work have been impossible to find. A small angling collection here for restoration finally brought the matter to a head. An 1884 Denver printing of “With Rod and Line in Colorado Waters” had decorative endsheets too brittle and cracked to be reused, and so we’ve launched a line of appropriate papers.

They feature small repetitive patterns in a single color, currently available in brown, green and a golden wheat. They’re easily aged by immersion or airbrush, have a vellum finish that is a very good match for machine-made papers, and are printed on a Mohawk Ivory 70# text.

$6.90 a sheet, 19″ by 25″ short grain.

Quantity discounts as follows:
$5.50 per for 5-24 sheets (you may mix colors), $4.50 per for 25-49, $3.50 per for 50 or more. Shipping calculated by weight and zipcode.

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Printed Endpapers1

Printed Marbled Papers from the early 1900’s

Printed Marbled Endsheets

These printed marbled papers are very hard to find and an excellent match for ledgers from the early 1900’s. They came from a bindery in North Dakota that handled the state’s record books and when they’re gone, they’re gone forever.

The paper on the left is heavier; a light cardstock measuring 36″ by 23 1/2″, long grain, with red, creme, and dark brown.

The paper on the right is a standard text weight measuring 19 7/8″ by 15 7/8″, short grain.

Printed Marbled Papers:
Red, Creme and Brown 36″ by 23 1/2″. $10 per sheet
Red and White 19 7/8″ by 15 7/8″. $7 per sheet

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Aged Headband Cloth

Headband Cloth 1.png

Striped cloth: the most common 19th Century style.

Headbands for much of the 1800’s were made of simply patterned cloth over a cord core, and details like the right headbands make the difference between a “working” repair and a true restoration.  We’ve remade headbands a variety of ways over the years; from reconstructing with remnants of the original cloth to rolling inked patterns on with a brass embossing wheel and then aging to suit, but were delighted to find this cloth, already “stained” and ready to be formed.

$7 for 3” by bolt width (45”) or $2.35 per inch

$21 for 12” or $1.75 per inch

$35 for 24” or $1.45 per inch

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Headband Cloth 2.png

Our striped cloth next to an original from a large family Bible.

Headband Cloth 4

Floral: a delicate pattern that lightly accents the headband without distracting.

Headbanding Cloth 3

Unworked floral cloth