Bible Rebinding

No books get more regular, long-term use than Bibles, and we rebind Bibles of all shapes, sizes and centuries. Large family Bibles from the mid 1800’s to the early 1900’s often cross our bench, and we repair and rebind common personal-sized Bibles too.

Costs for family Bibles: Because each project is so different, we’re unable to provide any estimates without the book in hand. You’re welcome to send pictures of the damage to help start the conversation, but we’d like to examine your Bible in person before talking through treatment options.

Costs for ordinary Bibles: Because every project is different, we offer no set pricing for Bible rebinding. Ordinarily, though, a new leather cover and minor internal repairs will cost more than buying a new Bible. If the insides are in decent shape, expect $120 to $250 depending on choice of leathers. We use a variety of skins: from sturdy but inexpensive “fully finished” hides to beautiful morocco, and will do our best to match the binding to your budget.

19th Century Box Edge Bible: Combining the protection of the “Full Circuit” or “Yapp Edge” with a much trimmer, less bulky appearance, this style appeared in the late 1800’s. Your Bible bound in this style for $300.Pictures here:

19th Century Tongue and Strap Bible: A much less common style from the early to mid 1800’s. Your Bible bound in this style for $300. Pictures here:

Bible with flap closure borrowed from the late 19th century. (Customer’s name has been blurred.)

19th Century Box-Edge in black morocco

19th Century Family Bible with new spine tooled in blind and gold.

Badly damaged family Bible: spine missing, leather too cracked to reuse.

Restored Bible rebound in calf, with portion of original cover recessed into front board.