Boxes & Enclosures for Valuable Books & Artifacts

A fitted box or presentation case may be made for books that are rare or fragile, or simply when an extra level of luxury is appropriate.

We make:

      • Phase boxes: Low cost archival enclosures for when “presentation” is less important than protection.
      • Slip cases with or without chemise.
      • Solander/drop-spine boxes in a variety of styles: Spines flat or rounded, leather, part leather, or cloth.
      • Any other type of enclosure you can imagine: boxes with extra compartments, presentation cases for weapons… You imagine it and we’ll build it.

Fitted solander case covered in sailcloth with leather label

Clamshell box for an important golfing book.


Fitted lift-out tray, ribbon pulls.

Cases for iPads and similar electronic devices


Fitted wooden box with leather spine and marbled sides.

For more photos of this binding, click here.

Phase box with cloth sides and paper label

Fitted Solander case for Family Bible

Chemise, Book, and Slipcase. For more photos of this binding, click here.


Clamshell Box with leather spine. For more pictures of this binding, click here.


Silk covered box for wedding book and letters, with bone closures. For more photos of this binding, click here.


ESV Psalms in fitted presentation box.