19th Century Ladies Domestic Journal for Reenactors



These small pocket journals will slip neatly into an apron pocket or rest contentedly beside a sewing machine. The title page reads, “Ladies’ Diary, being a repository for daily musings and observations on the domestic life.” The paper is a 60″ cream white, an excellent match with the machine-made paper of the period. 192 pages, 4 1/2″ tall, 3 3/4″ wide. Patterned after common bindings of the day, the spine is black morocco leather, with sides of heavily embossed cloth. Endsheets are a plain yellow, replicating a very common 19th century endpaper. (We offer these in sheets to the artist or craftsman here:

For the Reenactor, Civil War Buff, or 19th century Enthusiast. Ladies Domestic Journal.

Price $85

Two styles: New cloth sides in a peach tone (unstained), or the same sides stained with brown tints (pictured above).