World War I Era Soldier’s Diary/Reporter’s Notebook

A replica of a soldier’s WWI diary dated 1914, this style was in common use on both sides of the pond. Typically thought of as a reporter’s style, the oblong “flip top” was in common use even in the early 1800’s (See our Lewis & Clark Codex A & B).  You’ll see one of these diaries on display in the U.S. Army Museum, held by an engineering officer.

Bound in morocco leather with or without a pencil loop, rounded corners, in black or brown. (Other custom colors available). These may be embossed either in blind or gold with your name, company logo, etc.

The standard version can be made to size, but typically runs 120 pages, and 3.75″ x 6.75″. (If you have smaller pockets, we’ll scale it down.) $105

The refillable version fits the Moleskine Reporter Notebook (3.5″ x 5.5″, squared, ruled, or blank). $85


WWI Diary in black morocco

World War 1 Diary embossed in gold and blind with company logo

WWI Reporter’s Notebook embossed with name