Assorted Bindings for Sale

We often have a small number of titles on hand for immediate sale.  (Blank books and address books are listed here.) Current titles include:

The Arabian Nights, with illustrations by Rene’ Bull. NY: Dodd, Mead & Co., 1912. Original front cover and spine bound in at rear. Design binding. Rebound in red ostrich, with open marbled panel on spine for title and marbling on front board under leather. Small brass lamp in lower right corner, leather onlays. This is an important and valuable edition of the “Nights”, profusely illustrated with color plates as well as black and white drawings throughout. It is one of our earliest bindings, so lacks finesse at corners and turn-ins, but is a striking & whimsical design solidly executed. $1200. Images here.

Baxter, Richard. A Call to the Unconverted. With an introductory essay by Thomas Chalmers, D. D. Revised for the Presbyterian Board of Publication. Philadelphia: Presbyterian Board of Publication, circa 1854. (from inscription on flyleaf.) An excellent textblock, rebound with calf spine, sides and endpapers of marbled paper. $280 Photos here.

Bunyan, John. Pilgrim’s Progress. London: George Virtue, circa 1850. Engraved frontis portrait, foldout color map “of the road from the City of Destruction to the Celestial City”. Green morocco spine, sides and endpapers of feather marbling in green/black/blue/brown, mini-corners of green cloth. Black morocco label. $540. Photos here.

Calvin, John. Sermons on Deuteronomy. Edinburgh: Banner of Truth, facsimile of 1583 edition. Bound in full brown calf, red morocco label in 16th century style. $750. Photos here.

Calvin, John. Sermons on Job. Edinburgh: Banner of truth, 1993, a small folio facsimile of the 1574 Georgii Bishop edition. Bound in white alum-tawed goat, with tooled and painted inner panels. $2800. Photos here.

Dankers, Ulrich and Meredith, Jane. A Compendium of the Early History of Chicago to the Year 1835 when the Indians left. Published by Early Chicago, Inc., 2000. A design binding sewn on double cords laced in, with morocco spine and foredge flap, bone closure. Opens to a leather flyleaf. Vertical wood strips on front and rear covers, top edge colored in acrylics, tooled in blind (covers) and in gold (leather flyleaf). Clamshell box of brown cloth, wood spine, and brown morocco label tooled in gold. $1400. Photos here.

Holy Bible, Seasons Bible, Nineteenth Century KJV, late 1800’s (undated).  “Teacher’s Bible” which includes “The Bible Text-book, with twelve fine maps, valuable tables, indexes, Harmony of the Gospels, etc.” London: Eyre & Spottiswoode. NY, American Tract Society. A unique design binding with headbands of leather rolled in gold, wooden boards burned and painted by Jennifer McQuiston. Bound in dark brown morocco, blind and gold tooling, brass bosses. Created with Nashville artist Jennifer McQuistion as part of our MAAP grant through the Tennessee Arts Commission. $1100. Photos here.

Howie, John. The Scots Worthies. Edinburgh: Banner of Truth, 1995 reprint of 1870 edition. Rebound in half brown calf, sides and endpapers of combed marbling in burgundy tones. Five raised bands. Bound by an apprentice. $240. Photos here.

Keats, John. The Complete Poetical Works and Letters of John Keats, Cambridge Edition. Boston & NY: Houghton Mifflin Company, 1899. All edges brilliantly gilt, rebound in full brown morocco, five raised bands, marbled endpapers. Labels of black morocco on 2nd and 4th panels. Bound by an apprentice. $480. Photos here.

Keble, John. The Christian Year. Thoughts in verse for the Sundays and Holydays throughout the year. London: George Routledge And Sons, likely early 1900’s. Top edge gilt, wide margins. Rebound in full black morocco, red morocco title panel. Blind tooling on outside but for the label, with board edges rolled in gold and inner dentelles gilt. Endpapers of handmade marbled paper in spanish wave red with gold veins. A beautiful book. $520

John Keble: The Christian Year. Thoughts in verse for the Sundays and HolyDays throughout the Year. London: Kegan Paul, Trench & Co., 1882. A fine press edition on beautiful laid paper, printed in black and red, with a gilt top edge and deckles left on foredge and bottom. Handsewn headbands, rebound in full green morocco with hand-marbled endpapers. Tooled in blind and gold. A small and elegant edition, 6.5″ by 4″. $700. Photos here.

The Proverbs of Solomon. Fine art printing of the Book of Proverbs, King James Version, on beautiful paper, decorative initials, top edge gilt with true deckle edges. No colophon information, but circa 1900. Rebound with brown morocco spine, cloth sides, handmarbled endpapers in greens, browns, gold. $280. Photos here.

Thayer, William M. Life of Ben Franklin from Boyhood to Manhood. 2000 reprint of 1889 edition by American Foundation Publications. Rebound in half navy calf, 5 raised bands on spine, sides and endpapers of handmarbled paper. Double gold lines at paper edges and bands, labels of burgundy morocco at 2nd and 5th panels. Bound by an apprentice. $240. Photos here.

Wilcox, Ella Wheeler. Poems of Hope. London: Siegle, Hill & Co., circa 1915. Small (3 ½” high), all edges gilt, bound in full green morocco, 5 raised bands, marbled endsheets. $280. Photos here.