We occasionally have extra tools for sale, which we’ll try to keep up with here. Let us know if you have any tools or equipment to sell!

32″Board Shear by H. H. Latham of Chicago. My own shear for 20 years, originally out of a bindery in Wahpeton, North Dakota. Great cutter, and only being sold to make room for one slightly larger. It has a wooden tub for scrap and two gauges (that I don’t use, in favor of a sliding framing square). The full arm, from counterweight to handle, is 63″, and the whole unit is 43″ wide. $2800

Shrink Wrap Sealer and roll of 14″ wrap. $40

Guillotine and extra blade $750 26″ blade, heavy metal stand. This is listed for retired bookbinder Maureen Grace in Dawsonville, GA. Contact me for her contact info.

Hampson & Bettridge Lying Press: Distance Between Screws… 18 1/4″ Cheek… 3 1/2 x 3 5/8″ . Great press for gilding edges or for general use. Handles drilled for turning with a press pin. One guide rod broken (easily replaced if you decide it’s needed), light chipping to threads (pictured) but threads are great and cheeks move easily. Build a tub and add a rail for use with plough. $320

Hickok Large Finishing Press: Distance Between Screws… 24 3/8″ Cheeks 3 3/8 x 3 3/8″. Beautiful, turned handles, in great condition. $

Sewing Frame: Distance between screws… 19 5/8″ Beautiful old wormed hardwood. With 4 brass keys for use with cords. (Additional keys are easily found for about $3 each.) Quickly takes down for storage or travel. From Buckfast Abbey in England A little more than a new one, but a very nice addition to any bindery. $300

Large Nipping Press: Platen size of 15″ by 20″ makes this useful for larger projects. Very heavy, but easily takes down for moving. Base 17″ by 25″, 24″ tall. Very nice condition. $500

Edge Roller: The wheel is beveled. Though it came from another bindery, I’m not sure what it’s for. Great for decorating pie crusts! $15

Embosser for notary seals, libraries, etc. : $10

Embossing Wheel: 2 1/2″ diameter, 18 1/2″ long. Great design for over the top of bands, along board edges, or inner dentelles. $60

American Visible Numbering Machine: $20

Single Line Embossing Wheel: 3″ diameter, thin line, clean and undented. Notched (not very clear in the 2nd photo) for easy starts and stops at corners. No handle, but readily available elsewhere. $50

Wood Block for printing Textiles: $15

Lead type for titling. Classic Roman Face (Not sure which font) : 14pt. All letters and numbers, ampersand, some punctuation. Check photo carefully to make sure the sort will be sufficient. $30

Lead type for titling. Perpetua: 10pt. All letters and numbers present, but check photo carefully to make sure sort is sufficient. $30

Lead type for lettering, not sure which font. Classic Roman Face: 22pt and 28pt. Short on some letters, so check photo carefully to make sure the sort will be sufficient for you. $60

Lead type for titling. Sans Serif: 18pt. Check photo carefully to make sure the sort is sufficient. $30

Backing Boards: 14″ in length, hardwood sides, good condition. $40

Backing Boards: 9 3/4″ in length. Hardwood, bottom board in picture cracked and then glued, works well. $25

Brass Type Holder A: Will take 3″ of type. Spring loaded top plate. $120

Brass Type Holder B: Self-centering, 4 3/4″ opening. $220

Brass Type Holder C: 4″ opening, with spring-loaded bar for center screw. $140

Paring Knife A: $10

Paring Knife D: $10

24pt. Handle Letters, A-z, &, 1-9 (Zero and O the same tool, as well as Six and Nine). Mostly good handles, but the 3’s handle needs replacing. $350

22pt. Handle Letters A-Z, good handles all. $300

Wooden chest and 5 drawers: $260 Meant for holding bookbinder’s type but handy for a variety of collectibles or small items. Measures roughly 18″ wide by 9″ tall, 13″ deep. Drawers are 13 1/4″ wide and 10 1/4″ deep.

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