Restoration & Binding

Book Restoration:

Our area of expertise is the restoration of antiquarian material. With many of the same tools a 17th century binder would have in his shop, we can match the binding styles of any century in any material. We are especially adept at saving your original binding, blending new materials with old to bring strength to the book while preserving the old feel. If rebinding is desired, we can create an appropriate look for the period using the finest vegetable or alum-tawed leathers, handmade and handmarbled papers, and archivally sound adhesives. Check out the links below to see some of our restoration projects.

1494 Psalms, Erhard Ratdolt Printing | Milton’s Paradise Lost: 1688 & 1691County Deed & Record Books | Madame Curie on Radioactivite | Flowers Personified | Marriage Records | Flora Rustica | Other Miscellaneous Repairs


Book Rebinding:

While restoration usually involves saving as much of the original cover as possible, it sometimes makes more sense to make a new cover. We can match the original, make something more beautiful, or just something sturdy and serviceable. Whether you need one book bound or one hundred, we offer a wide selection of leather, cloths and papers, and a variety of lettering and decorative tools.

We offer a range of Bible rebinding for Bibles of all sizes, can put new covers on books chewed by both two and four legged critters, and are equipped to handle the care of books from any century and style.

Because our particular niche is the restoration and re-creation of antique binding styles, we are best suited for jobs requiring careful handwork and techniques not possible with modern binding machinery. We keep up with current methods in the conservation world, and also with the equipment and options available to the larger mechanized trade, allowing us to help you find the best match for your project. We’d be happy to look at your needs and recommend the best option for you, even if it means sending you somewhere else!

Fine & Design Binding:

We take great pleasure in crafting beautiful objects of wood, leather, gold, and paper in traditional and modern designs. Whether you’re a collector adding to your own library, a publisher wanting a presentation copy for an author, or you just need a gift for your friend the king, we can create a masterpiece for you. Check out the links below to see some of our fine binding projects.

Custom Wedding Album | Asian Book and Box for Wedding | ESV Study Bible | Folio-sized Blank Book | Early History of Chicago | Presentation Binding for a 9/11 Hero | Springback Journals | Seasons Bible | Arabian Nights | Moby Dick | Proverbs of Solomon | John Calvin’s Commentary on the Book of Job | Additional Fine Bindings


Bible Rebinding:

No books get more regular, long-term use than Bibles, and we both restore and rebind Bibles of all shapes, sizes and centuries. In addition to the earliest printed editions, large family Bibles from the 1700’s to the early 1900’s often cross our bench, and we repair and rebind common personal-sized Bibles too.

 Costs for family Bibles: Because each project is so different, we’re unable to provide any estimates without the book in hand. You’re welcome to send pictures of the damage to help start the conversation, but we’d like to examine your Bible in person before talking through treatment options. Pictures below show family Bibles with a lot of new leather, but we prefer to reuse the original spine and covers whenever possible, hiding our work underneath.

Costs for ordinary Bibles: Because every project is different, we offer no set pricing for Bible rebinding. Usually, though, a new leather cover and minor internal repairs will cost more than buying a new Bible. If the insides are in decent shape, expect $120 to $250 for an ordinary bible depending on choice of leathers. We use a variety of skins: from sturdy but inexpensive “fully finished” hides to beautiful morocco, and will do our best to match the binding to your budget. 

19th Century Box Edge Bible: Combining the protection of the “Full Circuit” or “Yapp Edge” with a much trimmer, less bulky appearance, this style appeared in the late 1800’s. 

Box Edge Bible, Nineteenth Century KJV circa 1870. Beautifully rebound in black morocco in a unique box-edge style. The Bible pictured below appeared in Free State of Jones, used by Newton Knight to teach Rachel how to read. Stills from the film here.

19th Century Tongue and Strap Bible: This uncommon binding was seen from the early to mid 1800’s. It provides unique protection for the foredge and can be provided in limp leather (the traditional Bible binding) or with stiff boards. Morocco lined, smooth spine or raised bands, Gold and/or blind tooling to suit. Depending on tooling, choice of leather, endpapers, and extra features like pockets, expect somewhere in the $280 to $380 range. 

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