Embossing & Hotstamping

We have a truly outstanding selection of type and decorative dingbats to choose from, and if we don’t have exactly what you want, can have your artwork turned into a metal die for hotstamping. 

We also have a good selection of traditional tools: decorative wheels, pallets, and hand tools (including handled letters), which allow us to accomplish even the most unusual jobs: surfaces that are rounded, luggage, furniture tops, guitar straps, watch bands… virtually anything made of leather, vellum, cloth or paper.

Whether you need names on the spines or covers of Creative Memories albums, hymnbooks, Bibles, or business portfolios, we provide quick turn-around and neat work for the individual or in bulk. Our larger presses (the Kensol and the 10″x15″ Chandler &Price) make us a good choice for short run commercial work.

Tooling and Embossing Samples:

Bookbinders have traditionally used both blind tooling (where heated metal is pressed directly into the leather) and gold tooling, where a thin sheet of gold is laid under the hot tool. Though gold tooling is often considered the height of opulent bookbinding, both techniques can create beautiful results, especially when used together. A beautifully understated binding might feature a title tooled in gold and the rest in blind. This collection of some of our projects may inspire yours.

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