Scanning & Digitizing

We offer book scanning and digitizing services utilizing an archival scanner which allows clear imaging deep into the inner margin without needing to fully open the book. Pages can be digitally scanned in black and white or in color and saved as images or a .pdf file. This is also a great way to make new copies of old books. A scanned copy of an old genealogy book can, for example, easily be printed and bound for family members. Inquire for pricing.

Our scanning software is also useful for creating missing plates, title pages, endsheets, etc. The results can be output on period paper and then toned or aged to match the rest of the project. Click here to see the process of replacing plates in a first illustrated edition of Milton’s Paradise Lost (1688).


Moving from digital to paper: Our grandparents saved old love letters, but all you have is saved emails. We can take your electronic courtship, blog posts, correspondence, speeches, etc. and turn them into beautiful heirloom volumes.

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